GAIL's Bakery  |  revisited collection 

Late in 2015 work started on twelve new GAIL's Bakeries which were opening. I designed two new products which are compatible with all the the original GAIL's display products. Part of the reason for this was so that I could keep manufacturing them while keeping up with all the new bakeries opening, also so that we could refine the aesthetic of the window displays. One new product is a concrete pedestal cake stand, which is compatible with all the original marble and copper tops from the original collection. The other new product is a collection of simple sycamore display boards which tesselate together. They have legs made from the edges of timber offcuts so the wastage of timber is very low. All together we made 960 products, using two tonnes of british sycamore and a lot of sand, cement and aggregate.


Photography by Felix McCormack