GAIL's Bakery

GAIL's Bakery approached me in autumn 2013 to develop a range of display products for their shops. They had a problem which needed addressing where it was hard to organise the shop's display well throughout the day as the levels of stock dropped. The problem was they were left with lots of different objects which would have been used for food display in the morning but by the afternoon were just getting in the way.

I designed a range of modular products which could all be stacked up neatly throughout the day depending on stock levels so the displays always looked good. The range of products has changed over the course of the project but the material palette of Ash, Walnut, copper, snowcrete, granite and Marble has stayed the same. We started off with one shop in Queens Park but the range now covers all 27 bakeries with nearly 2000 products made. 


Photography by Tessa Pearson and Felix McCormack