Here is a good friend's generous opinion of my practice:

Felix McCormack is a designer/maker based just outside Falmouth, Cornwall.

His inquisitive and intuitive approach to design means he constantly evolves his skills and the materials he used, exploring many mediums such as wood, steel, concrete, granite and copper. His pieces are minimal and elegant and, much like the man himself, always solve a problem with an element of wit and light-heartedness.

 People worked with / for:

Gail's Bakeries, Rock Townsend, Berghaus, Espressini, 5 Below, Folklore, The Poly Falmouth, Bedruthen Steps Hotel, Falmouth University, Bethnals Denim, Yallah Coffee, Espressini Dulce, Lundenwic, Mariner Jack,  Infarm, Origin Coffee, Anna Hart, Colicci, Crispin E1 and many others.


Some questions: 

Describe your job?


I usually say furniture maker, although I like to make more than just furniture and most of my ideas are more related to buildings at the moment. Designer/maker is probably the closest description, although it should be Maker / designer because if you do both you inevitably spend 90% of your time actually making.


What materials do you work with?


Mainly wood. I also dabble in steel, copper, granite, marble and concrete.


Describe your aesthetic?


Honest, functional, playful, intuitive.


What do you value most in design?


Honesty and intuitive problem solving. Design which relates to the community its made within / for.


What skills are you proud of?


Problem solving. I love the initial ideas part of a project. I hope that is my strength as a designer and maker.


How do you approach a design problem?


I’ve learnt not to rush into a solution; the first ideas are usually contrived. The most creative and satisfying solution will appear eventually if you trust it to. You just have to check in regularly and try not to get stressed out about it. There is always a solution that will get you excited about making, you just have to locate it somewhere.








What keeps you motivated?


The community of really driven, creative people around me. They are constantly inspiring and motivating.


What has your work revealed to you about yourself?


I am very particular / stubborn! I’ve also found making things is an important part of being a happy and fulfilled person.


What are you most scared of in your work?


Cutting my fingers off.