Panel Chair - 2018

This is part of on-going / long-going / easy-going project. D-I-Y designs for furniture which can be made easily from plans, then used in schools / community groups. I made this guy to test out a design which eventually will be made from ply or other sheet materials. It was also an opportunity to test out making my own quarter sawn block board from local old growth Douglas Fir.

The design is based around the use of threaded inserts and M12 bolts. The whole things flat-packs and can be assembled in minutes with an allen key.

Very much inspired by the ethos of designers like Gerrit Rieveld, Enzo Mari and contemporary projects like Ishinomaki Laboratory.

This particular chair was made for the Design Frontier project which involved 7 designers and makers from Cornwall showing work at the British Craft Pavilion at London design week 2018 courtesy of the Cultivator programme.

Work in progress / watch this space.

Studio photography by Susan Castillo - In situ photography by Victoria May Harrison.