Lunar Chair - 2018

I’ve been wanting to delve into the labyrinth of chair design for sometime but haven’t been able to jump in and commit some solid time to it until now. Chair design seems to be the area where furniture designers are judged - so it can seem a daunting area to explore.

Mies van der Rohe famously said “ a chair is a very difficult object. A skycraper is almost easier.”

This chair is about a commitment to simple geometry and really exploring the nuisances of what makes a chair comfortable. ‘Lunar’ because of the hanging circular seat, its actually an ellipse to accommodate the curve of the back rest, but is a perfect circle when you look at it straight from the front or back.

All black because I wanted to focus on the silhouette and simple geometry of a circle within an (almost) square.

It’s Upholstery was developed with Sarah Johnson, who made the quilted seat and backrest from British wool.

Currently available made to order in a limited number. Contact me for more details.

Maple / Sycamore / marine ply / paint / oil

Photography - Victoria May Harrison